Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Research Blog #6



This is a picture I found that I think really captures the history of ritual. This picture was taken in Mexico of the Mayans practicing one of their sacred rituals. This will help me demonstrate how important people find their rituals to be because of their historical significance within their organization. 

I kept this visual light and kind of humorous because it's from the show Scream Queens that mocks greek life. The show captures the rituals of one of the top tier sororities on campus and although it is over the top with its details about greek life, it does a really good job of capturing sororities emotional brutality towards new members.


This is a picture of a clip from the film Burning Sands that I spoke about in my presentation. The film will help me to explain how different African American Greek life is with hazing types, but how similar it is when it comes to rituals. Every organization has their own rituals that they value which is what allows hazing to become so brutal. 

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